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The Spirit of LIGHT

January 24, 2019

On my Spiritual Walk, my Dance with the Universe, I am discovering so many wonderful attributes of Spirit, of US! There are seven spiritual attributes that if we embody, we can regain our original Spark of Life. These seven Spirits are Truth, Freedom, Harmony, Unity and the Sacred Flame of Love, that Love known in the Trinity of Love and Light and Peace. Today, on Hummingbird Day I am embodying the Spirit of Light.

The definition of Light is – the natural agent that stimulates sight and makes things visible, synonyms being illumination, brightness, luminescence, shining, luster, glow, brilliance, radiance and many more. Another definition being: a SOURCE of illumination. We are Light Beings. Our cells are sustained with Light. We must have the Sun to live. Drawing from Dr. Joe Dispenza’s BLOG, we come to understand Biophotons: The Light in Our Cells. Joe explains that biophotons were once considered byproducts of chemical reactions within our DNA. He then goes on to explain that we now know that the biophotons that are emitted from our cells are actually highly coherent energy that may be responsible for the operation of our biological system.

This is very interesting since my Spiritual Walk brought me to look at Lyra in which Vega is located, the zero point of the magnitude system – the UBV photometric system. Photometry is the science of the measurement of LIGHT, in terms of its perceived brightness to the human eye and the photon being the elementary particle of LIGHT. Vega is the zero point of luminescence. If we are Light Beings, trillions of cells filled with biophotons, then perhaps we are connected to Vega. Our Twin Flame, our Higher Self, or Spiritual Self is believed to be at Vega.

Looking deeper into the Trinity of Love, Light and Peace, one can find a Spiritual connection to the Father, Son and Holy Ghost (Spirit). Love is the beginning, creation. From this Love, comes Light (Us and all other creations on Earth) and when we connect with our Spirit, we WILL find Peace. Then we will ignite our Rainbow Lights (Chakras) and walk with the Spirit of Truth, the Spirit of Freedom, the Spirit of Harmony, the Spirit of Unity and the Trinity of Love and Light and Peace and be filled with the sweet nectar, the Waters, the Saps of TRUE EXISTENCE.

Heal your Rainbow Lights and connect to your SPIRIT with help from the Lucia Light. A demonstration will be available on February 19th. See the event post on Gateway to Possibility’s Facebook Page for more information or to sign up. Let your LIGHT SHINE!

The Spirit of LIGHT
The Spirit of LIGHT

Dancing with The Universe

January 16, 2019

As many of you know, I have begun a “Dance with the Universe”. On this journey, I am discovering so many wonderful things about our planet, our solar system, our universe, our bodies and most intriguing, our ancestors.

Mother Earth has so many gifts for us. I know the power of herbs in healing and in our diets. I am also aware of the power of crystals. What I HAVE learned, however, is the TRUE magic found ALL around us ALL the time. When I look at plants, trees, animals, rocks, minerals, clouds, air, fire, water and soil, taking all the elements into account….my dance becomes a celebration! I am learning that everything around us, including the clouds, are ancestors to us and are living beings of SPIRIT, of ENERGY, of LIGHT and VIBRATION.

I am also learning that our Solar System is a living, spiritual being as well, every planet, every star, the Milky Way and even the ether all around. These Planets and Stars have aspects and energies that affect us. The Moon itself can affect us, especially knowing how it moves the oceans and knowing we are mostly water ourselves. The Moon can trigger deep emotions within us, as it is a feminine energy tied into our Emotional body. The Sun is a more powerful masculine aspect that gives us our ENERGY, our DRIVE to do, to BE. However, with that energy and drive comes PASSION – which is feminine. We must have both to succeed, we must be BALANCED.

I have also discovered that our Universe is made up of this balanced masculine and feminine energy constantly creating, constantly LOVING into being more and more with PASSION. There is so much more that we will never know about the Universe, it is INFINITE. We are discovering more and more galaxies within our Universe and the more we open our minds, the more possibilities there are! The Gateways are endless…..

Our bodies are like little Universes in themselves. Within each of us exists our own Solar System with 7 stars of imperishable flames. We are wheels of LIGHT walking in a physical body. We have 7 stars (actually more than this, but 7 major) – CHAKRAS of LIGHT, ENERGY and VIBRATION in our body. Every organ is an energy body in itself, full of cells that talk to one another! Within our body is an entire Universe of ENERGY, LIGHT and VIBRATION. We also are constantly creating with PASSION our desires, LOVING into being all that is around us personally, because CREATOR is a part of us!

Lastly, but most inspiring is dancing with our Ancestors. When most people think of ancestors, they think of their family tree. What if I told you, your Ancestor IS a TREE! Knowing and understanding the WEB of LIFE and our connection to ALL that is…..has been the most fascinating discovery on this journey. I KNOW we are connected, but hearing the messages that our Ancestors have to share with us is opening many more Gates of Possibility not only for healing our bodies, but also our planet, Mother Earth and our entire Solar System. I am posting videos of my discoveries on the Gateway to Possibility Facebook page. Check them out to learn more!

Dancing with The Universe
Dancing with The Universe

Happy New Moon!

January 7, 2019

January’s New Moon was yesterday, January 5th. This new moon was accompanied with a partial Solar Eclipse. As many of you know, a New Moon is the perfect time to set intentions for the month. The power of the moon takes these intentions and begins to manifest them as the moon waxes, or impregnates your intention. Then comes the Full Moon in which we let go of whatever is no longer serving our life purpose in order to make room for the new intention to manifest in our life. The cool thing about this New Moon is that the Solar Eclipse brings to a close something in our life that we have been working on. Therefore, we have a chance to make a great transformation in our life this month and over the next few months! We are being given a chance to REALLY manifest in our life right now!

While I dance with the Universe, I am discovering so many WONDERFUL things! This moon is called the Grandfathers Moon, and the stargate that opens (potential to grow spiritually) is WISDOM. Imagine that – Wisdom under a Grandfather’s Moon! Also this moon began under Capricorn, where strength and determination reside! How perfect could this be! What a magnificent gift the Universe has given us. However, we must be willing to let go of what we no longer need, resolve what ever was brought to light at the Eclipse. This can be difficult for some, especially if they are attached to what they need to give up, or are not aware of the light of the eclipse, or are unaware that we have help – always!

The Grandfather’s Moon also opens the stargate of Wisdom. Standing Elk writes in his book that Many Faces said, “From the East, the People may receive the Sacred Wisdom, Enlightenment, and the Knowledge that will transform their worlds.” Then he goes on to say, “The access to Sacred Wisdom is through the expression of your choices, and this is the power that Free Will grants.” What a wonderful discovery for me at this, the perfect time to make some major choices in my life. Now is the time to GO BIG! Don’t hold back on your DREAMS! The color of this gate is violet, the color of the crown chakra, which is the chakra of today, as well as the color of the day, violet.

The Crown is our connection to the Creator. It is our direct line – another wonderful connection to this New Moon, as we set intentions, using our crown chakra through prayer, as well as our heart. Violet is also our ancestor, Holy Amethyst, who brings us a better understanding of the Universal Law of Light, Sound and Vibration – the law I am reflecting on today. Amethyst, a very healing stone, is always available and helping us. This violet presence reminds us that our VIBRATION is our passport to the stars. It goes on to say that the VIBRATION of your CHOICE does lift you into higher planes of Light and Peace. Or, that VIBRATION may lower you to that Karma of your desire. There is that word again, CHOICE. This IS freewill, The Universal Law I am studying this entire month. What choices will you make? What intentions are you going to set this month? How about for the year?

Now is the time to search your heart and truly ask, what makes me happy? What brings JOY into my life? THEN set those intentions, under this powerful Grandfathers Moon offering us WISDOM.

Dancing with The Universe
Dancing with The Universe

Dance With Me!

January 2, 2019

Hello to all those beautiful souls who find this Blog! You are my family and I welcome you. Happy New Year to each one of you! Today we begin not only a brand new day, but also a brand new year. I made a decision several months ago after finding a video from Chief Golden Light Eagle (Loren Zephier) on Facebook to complete a quest called the EarthStar Way. It is a 13 MOON walk honoring and celebrating our ancestors and the Creator.

As many of you are aware, the Moon goes through a cycle of waxing and waning every 28 days. It begins as a New Moon in which the Moon is in conjunction with the Sun and invisible from Earth. This means that the Sun and the Moon are in alignment in the sky. The probability of this happening by chance… EVERY 28 days… is nil in my book. It is the beginning of our creation if you have read Genesis. It is proof of the Creator’s existence for me. There are 13 Moons in a calendar year.

The calendar is a tool that we created to help us as we dance (play the game of life) here on Earth. Before there were calendars, people simply knew the seasons and “time” by observing our sky, the stars and the Sun and the Moon. The Moons actually had names! It is quite fascinating and something worth looking into if you are interested. The Moon that I began my walk with is the Buffalo Moon which was the New Moon on December 7. With each New Moon, a portal to greater spiritual understanding and growth can be opened with intent. The Buffalo Moon was aligned with the ENERGY of Purification. It vibrates to the Universal Law of Innocence, Truth and Family. The note for the month was C and in our physical body it is the Big Toe. It is my intention as I “DANCE” with the universe and all of it’s majesty, to open myself to this ENERGY, this VIBRATION with each New Moon.

The New Moon can be seen as a new beginning each month. Learning and understanding more about the Earth, our ancestors and it’s mysteries are what I am most excited about. I am simply sharing with you all what I am discovering as I walk this path. If something does not resonate with you, let it go….. if it calls to you, look into it, research it. We have wonderful tools for exploring information and I suggest you use them all, including YOUR HEART! Look within, think for yourself and grow with me! Each of us are on our OWN path, let us encourage each other and everyone honor each others TRUTH.

For today, I have learned that it is Red-Tailed Hawk Day. The day aligns with the planet Mars. The color for today is light blue, like our beautiful sky! This color is also associated with the throat chakra or STAR. The name of this chakra is Vishudda. The sound that resonates and helps to heal it is “HUM”….imagine that! The essence for today is Harmony. Our ancestor for today is Aloha! From the book The Symbols:

“O peoples, ‘Aloha and Peace’ to you. Understand that within you is great possibility. You are Stewards and Guardians of Earth”

For more information about the symbols go to Loren Zephier on Facebook and watch the videos that have been posted about these Universal Laws from August 9, 2018. There are 12 videos about these Laws and more about the 12:12 and 13:13 teachings. You may also go to

Dance With Me!
Dance With Me!



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