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Gate 20 - Contemplation

May 21, 2022

On Saturday, May 21st the Sun will move into Gate 20, METAMORPHOSIS, ANTICIPATION, THE NOW, or CHARISMA. In the I-Ching, this hexagram is called CONTEMPLATION.
The present moment is life itself. Yet, people live as if the opposite were true and treat the present moment as a stepping stone to the next moment – a means to an end. It is through gratitude for the present moment that the spiritual dimension of life opens up. - Eckhart Tolle
It isn't always easy to remain present. Sometimes it can feel impossible. For many, it never happens. They live their lives so caught up in regret about the past, or worry about the future, that they never fully appreciate all that is before them. They are never really present in the moment. It seems to me that our culture is set up to trap people in a cycle that keeps them in a constant state of anxiety. You can tune into the news, 24 hours a day if you would like, and find something that will likely trigger anxiety.
What is interesting about stress, anxiety, and fear is that it actually causes the grey matter in our brain to shrink and the area for fight or flight, the reptilian part of our brain called the amygdala, to become enlarged and reactive. Animals become more intelligent when they experience anxiety. Humans, on the other hand, lose their ability to be calm, rational, logical, and responsive when they stay in a state of anxiety. Decision-making, when a person is stressed, is often deeply flawed and terribly reactive. 
It is really crucial, for the sake of our mental and physical well-being, to find ways to remain present. Meditation is one way to be fully present and engaged with the moment as is play, exercise, art, and really anything one can do that puts them in the "zone". Being in the zone is being free and engaged with what is right before you, and nothing else, and it feels amazing! 
As this energy flows to all of us you might ask yourself if there is something that you do to fully engage in the now and remain present. If so do more of that!   You will be amazed by how much more peace and joy you experience in your day-to-day life!

Richard Rudd's thoughts on Gene Key 20
Shadow- Superficiality
Gift – Self Assurance 
Siddhi– Presence
“The two trigrams that make up this hexagram are ‘the gentle wind’ and ‘the earth’, so we have to listen to the whispering wind of awareness, and let it blow into all the corners of our life.” – Richard Rudd, 64 Ways
Blessings to you!
Each year the sun moves counterclockwise around the gates of the mandala (like the sun moves through the astrological signs), spending approximately 6 days in each gate.
As the sun (or any other celestial body) moves through a gate it **“activates”**the energy of that gate. This means that the energy is released to “flow” to us. The sun is considered the most dominant and important transit to be aware of.)
**Human Design is a synthesis of ancient and modern sciences; proven to be a valuable tool for human understanding. Human Design is a cutting-edge personality assessment tool that shows you your unique decision-making strategy, your special gifts, and talents, where you carry your pain and potential for healing and wisdom.
You can get your free chart here https://www. geneticmatrix.com/free- foundation-chart/
April Novoa is a certified Human Design Specialist. To get started living your design book an appointment with April by visiting humandesignsimplified.weebly. com, calling 404-808-690 or emailing her at aviva.novoa@gmail.com
April will need 3 days to complete your report. Please keep this in mind when scheduling your appointment. Appointments are conducted on Zoom or at the House of Light on Thursdays. When you book your appointment a zoom link will be sent to you.
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The Spirit of LIGHT
The Spirit of LIGHT

Gate 8 - Contribution

May 14, 2022

Gate 8 - Contribution

May 15, 2022

Sunday, May 15th the Sun will move into Gate 8, CONTRIBUTION. In the I-Ching, this hexagram is called HOLDING TOGETHER.
“The person who follows the crowd will usually go no further than the crowd. The person who walks alone is likely to find himself in places no one has ever seen before.” – Albert Einstein
No one is Mediocre. They are just not 'them'. When we make decisions based on popular opinion, as opposed to what we know to be correct for us, deep inside, we lose our shine.
Being different and marching to your own beat will cost you. You might lose the approval and good graces of some. Nonetheless, understand this is really more of a reflection of who they are inside and has little to do with you personally.
To become the Exquisiteness that you already are, look to your Inner Authority to lead you. Stop comparisons and let go of the fear of not being liked and accepted. If a person is committed to misunderstanding you they will find a way to do it no matter what you do. You might as well "do you".

Gene Key 8
Shadow- Mediocrity
Gif – Style
Siddhi – Exquisiteness

“We need not fear Mediocrity as long as our heart is open and singing. We no longer need to react to it, and find ourself at odds with the status quo. True Style is found in the marketplace, living as an example of a true rebellious human being, unchained by external definitions, and unfettered by conditioning, ancestral or cultural.” – Richard Rudd, 64 Ways
Blessings to you!

Each year the sun moves counterclockwise around the gates of the mandala (like the sun moves through the astrological signs), spending approximately 6 days in each gate.
As the sun (or any other celestial body) moves through a gate it **“activates”**the energy of that gate. This means that the energy is released to “flow” to us. The sun is considered the most dominant and important transit to be aware of.)
**Human Design is a synthesis of ancient and modern sciences; proven to be a valuable tool for human understanding. Human Design is a cutting-edge personality assessment tool that shows you your unique decision-making strategy, your special gifts and talents, where you carry your pain and potential for healing and wisdom.
You can get your free chart here https://www.geneticmatrix.com/ free-foundation-chart/
April Novoa is a certified Human Design Specialist. To get started living your design book an appointment with April by visiting humandesignsimplified.weebly. com , calling 404-808-690 or emailing her at aviva.novoa@gmail.com
April will need 3 days to complete your report. Please keep this in mind when scheduling your appointment. Appointments are conducted on Zoom or at the House of Light on Thursdays. When you book your appointment a zoom link will be sent to you.
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The Spirit of LIGHT
The Spirit of LIGHT

Where is our strength?

May 13, 2022

Where is our strength?

By: Karen Clark-Green

As women, we can do many things. Things we should do and some things we
shouldn’t; do we really know the difference? Society has taught us that being a
strong woman means we can handle any job or situation that is put before us.
We’ve heard stories of our Grandmothers and great-grandmothers who have
given birth to many babies and within a day or two are back working in the fields,
cooking, cleaning or, taking care of the rest of the family. We have labeled this as
strong or a strong woman. Society, History and tradition says we belong in the
state of big Mama, Nana, Grandmother or grandma!
We have traditionally put our lives on a back burner or shelf and moved forward
to supporting the lives of those around us. That is nothing to be taken lightly, or
looked at as something wrong, it should definitely be celebrated. However, what
is happening to the woman inside of us that has put our lives on hold? Death is
occurring within us as we feel it through our emotions yet we still have the nerve
to call this strength!

Join me May 22 at the House of Light at 3 Pm for tea, as we dig into, how to go
inside and get our power back!

The Spirit of LIGHT
The Spirit of LIGHT

BEing Where You Are... and embracing what arises.

May 5, 2022

BEing Where You Are….

and embracing what arises. 
by April Novoa

“Having no destination, I am never lost.” Ikkyu Shojun

For most of my life, I had a plan. I had a formula, a schedule, and a destination. I spent most of my time working towards the future or dwelling in the past. I was rarely present in my own body. I was in my head all the time. This worked for a while and I remember being praised for my excellent organizational and time management skills. Employers loved my work ethic and when I went into business for myself I was very successful. My life was eaten up by my commitments and I took a strange pride in that. I was addicted and society validated my workaholism and perfectionism as virtuous which reinforced my behavior. I was hyper-controlling in everything around me. The controlling behavior gave me the illusion of safety and security but I never felt safe. It also made it impossible to process painful emotions. I just didn’t have time. So I put them up on a ‘shelf’, somewhere in my body, and kept moving!

Many things had occurred in my early years that caused me to feel unsafe, and unsupported and to develop shadow patterns to protect myself. I do think these things happen to everyone but are expressed differently in different people. I had unconsciously brought these patterns into my adult life and relationships. On the outside, I might have appeared to have it all together but I was filled with anxiety and suffering tremendous depression. I attributed this to people in my life who I believed were treating me unkindly, unfairly, misjudging me, or simply not appreciating how hard I worked to bring about perfection. I saw myself as a victim of others, events, and circumstances. I had little self-awareness and I liked it that way if I am being honest. It was a little bit like being anesthetized. No presence, no pain….but somedays I felt like I was holding back a flood! It was there just bubbling under the surface.

I think that perhaps I could have soldiered on quite unconscious of these patterns until the day I died but multiple events occurred that stopped me in my tracks. Sometimes we just need to be stopped. Especially when we are unconsciously destroying ourselves. I had no option. I had to stop everything. I had to let go of my ambitions so I could heal and when I did I found myself alone with my thoughts. I realized I was very lost. It occurred to me that the anxiety and depression I was experiencing weren’t coming from anything or anyone outside of me. They came from stories my mind created about people, events, and circumstances. I created them. These feelings of dissatisfaction were with me no matter where I went or what I did. No one was around to make me miserable but me. Everywhere I went there I was. I had to take responsibility and begin to question what I believed if I was ever going to be free and heal.

So my journey began and continues to this day. I still have plans, goals, and ideas but I practice holding them very loosely. I am happy to abandon them if they no longer resonate or serve the highest good. I am learning to trust myself and my inner Authority. It’s counter cultural but it feels right. I have come to understand that in having no destination many wonderful things occur. Firstly, I am found. Instead of being disoriented surprisingly, I become oriented. I am at home within. That is such a paradox but again truth is found in paradox. When I welcome that which was once unwelcome, the feelings and emotions I stored for so long, and allow them to process and flow through me, I am liberated from the shadow they once cast. I then learn from them and create through them. This is true freedom and I experience it more consistently in my life at this point than I ever have before. I have come to understand that when I perceive another is hurting me that in actuality they are uncovering something within me that was already injured and needs to be addressed. I may not care for the package they arrived in but there is a gift inside. 

I don’t know where I am going anymore. I have no idea. Saying that would have sent me into a panic years ago but now it brings me such comfort. When I go where the wind blows and the tide takes me it’s always the right place. Having no destination, I am never lost.


The Spirit of LIGHT
The Spirit of LIGHT

The Finger Pointing at the Moon - is not the moon.  

April 29,2022

The Finger Pointing at the Moon - is not the moon. 

By April Novoa

“Bhikkhus (Buddhist monk), the teaching is merely a vehicle to describe the truth. Don’t mistake it for the truth itself. A finger pointing at the moon is not
the moon. The finger is needed to know where to look for the moon, but if you mistake the finger for the moon itself, you will never know the real moon.
The teaching is like a raft that carries you to the other shore. The raft is needed, but the raft is not the other shore. An intelligent person
would not carry the raft around on his head after making it across to the other shore. Bhikkhus, my teaching is the raft which can help you cross to the other shore beyond birth and death. Use the raft to cross to the other shore, but don’t hang onto it as your property. Do not become caught in the teaching. You must be able to let it go.”

―Thich Nhat Hanh, Old Path White Clouds: Walking in the Footsteps of the Buddha

I had coffee with a friend many years ago that was on a similar path studying at the feet of a certain Rabbi and a few other scholars we knew of at the time. We both invested a lot of time into our studies and enjoyed our conversations. For a while, it was very exciting because everything we were learning was new and fresh to us. But this day, the day we were having coffee, she asked me a question that surprised me. She asked me, “Once we have learned this, then what? What comes next?” I had never considered this and I didn’t have an answer. It wasn’t a question rooted in any solidity and my mind, like all minds, prefers certainty. I hadn’t even considered that perhaps there was an end to what we learning. At the time I thought we had found ‘it’, the truth. She was suggesting that maybe we hadn’t arrived, maybe we wouldn’t and that caught me off guard. It was uncomfortable. That began a long period of self-inquiry for me. It was not long after that I concluded that there was a limit to the teaching and the teacher. It had an end and they had an end to what they could offer and I didn’t know what I was supposed to do now. Something big was missing and at the time I didn’t know what that was. 

Attachment is very wired into being human. We are owned by our attachments. We attach to all sorts of things. We attach to people, outcomes, and our identity. We attach to the story we have about ourselves and others. We attach to our country, our faith, or our ideology. I could go on and on. Attachment indicates that there is something solid and unshifting to hang onto but in reality, there isn’t. Everything is moving all the time and that movement is important. Change is part of life and without the capacity to bend and move with the winds of change we can, and often do, break. Attachment gives the mind an illusion of safety and predictability but it is a trap. It’s a trap that keeps us stuck in an endless loop around the lifeless and polluted pond of our flawed and stagnant perceptions. Growth only occurs when we loosen our grip around certainty and permanence. And finally, attachment is not love. Nothing we attach to is ever fully loved. Attachment is transactional. Attachment is about control and fear and there is no love in fear. 

I have heard it said, and I believe it, that detachment isn’t not owning anything. It’s not, it’s that nothing owns you. Letting go of the idea that the finger pointing at the moon is indeed the moon frees us from attaching to an idea about a person or putting them on a pedestal. Teachers are only valuable if they lead one back to the truths that are found inside of us and they are not meant to be permanent fixtures in our lives. Teachings exist for a similar purpose. Once they have accomplished their purpose they should be put down. It’s unskillful and exhausting to drag a raft around on the dry ground and the same can be said of teaching. 

There is nothing wrong with having a teacher or a mentor. They can show you the moon if you are having trouble finding it in the sky. At some point however you will know how to find it yourself. And you should. It’s a very good sign if that is their goal as well. They should want to work themselves out of a job. A good teacher will empower you, not create dependence. 

There is nothing wrong with teaching but once it has given you all it has to give let it go. Don’t drag it behind you. If you do you won’t be able to grasp what you might find next or what might be waiting for you. What once helped you might become a hindrance and hold you back. 

The Spirit of LIGHT
The Spirit of LIGHT

'The Rose' 

April 21,2022


by Donna Wood

I listened to a song the other morning that inspired me, so I am sharing with you this inspiration that came to me. The song “The Rose” is much more beautiful than ever when I listened with ears that heard…

Some say, "Love. It is a river

That drowns the tender reed"

Some say, "Love. It is a razor

That leaves your soul to bleed"

Some say, "Love. It is a hunger

An endless aching need"

I say, "Love. It is a flower

And you its only seed"

It's the heart afraid of breaking

That never learns to dance

It's the dream afraid of waking

That never takes the chance

It's the one who won't be taken

Who cannot seem to give

And the soul afraid of dyin'

That never learns to live

When the night has been too lonely

And the road has been too long

And you think that love is only

For the lucky and the strong

Just remember in the winter

Far beneath the bitter snow

Lies the seed that with the sun's love

In the spring becomes the rose

Wriitten by

Amanda McBroom


The beginning defines LOVE as a raging river, a razor that cuts deep or a hunger that cannot be fulfilled, but then the author shines a light upon the true definition of LOVE as a flower, and YOU it’s only seed. A flower needs time, nurturing and nutrients to grow. The most important of these is the warmth and nutrition and LOVE of the Sun. She then begins to expand on LOVE as the insecurities of the human being, the “shadow” within each of us. In the book, Power vs Force by David R. Hawkins, it is determined that LOVE is the highest frequency recorded here on earth. The lowest frequency is FEAR. These two energies are exact polar opposites. When one is in fear, they cannot experience LOVE. All is energy here on earth. Even the over 70 trillion cells that make up the human body are energy consisting of light, sound and vibration. Though we may not understand it, we experience everything through frequency, energy. Understanding that FEAR is just a frequency, you can begin to transmute it and as you begin to transmute it, you raise your frequency. Unfortunately, it is in the deepest, darkest times in a person’s life that one looks to the heavens and asks for help. It is when the night has been too lonely and the road too long that one can finally wake up and smell the roses, or in fear of death, see the LIGHT. There is no death. We are ALL eternal beings of LOVE. I choose to DANCE, I will take a CHANCE, I will GIVE and I will LIVE…



The Spirit of LIGHT
The Spirit of LIGHT

'There is no going back'

April 5,2022

“Sometimes people don't want to hear the truth because they don't want their illusions destroyed.” 

― Friedrich Nietzsche

     So many of us are agreeable folks. Most of us want to be left alone to live our lives, make a living, and love our loved ones. Perhaps we want to go to a restaurant, a movie or a concert once in a while. We don’t feel like that is asking too much. We are aware the world is not a perfect place and we work hard at trying to shield ourselves, and the ones we love, from its sting. We want to awake each day and experience all life has to offer us with none of the complexity. So we might lie to ourselves and others for comfort’s sake. We will go to tremendous lengths for what constitutes the illusion of safety and security. Unfortunately, the price for such a sacrifice is often life itself. Most do not realize this until their very last breath.  I realized this during my last breath. During my near-death experience, last year, this was one of the realizations I was gifted with. 

     If we are fortunate one day all of our illusions will shatter and we will be left staring at the broken pieces not knowing which way to step. I know how strange that sounds. But if that happens we will have no choice but to lean into the pain. We have to see it and we must feel it. We must integrate it as part of us. Because it is. 

     It then becomes clear that life must be regarded with equanimity, meaning we understand that we will be subject to both good and bad times. Times of joy and abundance and times of sadness and loss.

     There is no escaping this. No one is coming to save us. The only way out is through and no one knows exactly what that is going to look like. We then venture into the frontier of inquiry and transparency. This particular frontier is a wild place and once one has stepped into it, there is no going back. We will have days that we want to turn back but when we glance behind us the path is gone. It has disappeared. The foliage has overtaken it and we now have no choice but to keep moving forward.  

     All human beings, at some point, will experience profound loss. We will go to great lengths to try and prevent it. In those attempts to prevent it we might very well begin to lose ourselves and the thing we fear most losing, lose anyway. That has been my experience. It’s what I cling to that slips through my hands. It’s what I fight with that overcomes me. 

If we have lived long enough, maybe suffered enough, we understand the educational manner of this planet and that some of the curricula will be extremely difficult. We know that the quality of our experiences, and our growth, are largely shaped not by how we react to difficulty but by how we respond. 

     Shit will happen. That’s a given. How we respond is crucial and sometimes a matter of life and death. 

There is a time to be agreeable but not at the cost of what is correct for you. When one individuates they will experience loss. Loss is neither good nor bad. It just is. It’s the mind that wants to label that which is simply part of this reality. One might lose the tremendous work it takes to be someone they are not. They will lose their facade. They will lose what is not them. This will likely feel like a weight has been lifted as they let go of what is not meant for them to carry. They might lose their reputation as they act in ways that others did not expect or do not want. Maybe they will lose their job or their home. One might lose that which is quite precious and irreplaceable to them. It will hurt. Probably badly and possibly always. However, in the end, one might gain oneself. Gaining one’s self is a rare and beautiful thing but it comes with a price. Nothing here is free. 

“The individual has always had to struggle to keep from being overwhelmed by the tribe. If you try it, you will be lonely often, and sometimes frightened. But no price is too high to pay for the privilege of owning yourself.” 

― Friedrich Nietzsche 

     The fact is we  will experience pain and loss in this life. There is no way around it. It is part of the human experience.

What we do get to choose is who we are when we are hit with it. Are we our real, truthful authentic self or are we attempting to live a ‘cookie cutter’, homogenized existence and not rock the boat? There is no safety in either and no one is free from having to make that choice. Do we own ourselves or are we owned? Both have a cost but one comes with privilege and responsibility. And I’d say the other comes with chains. Choose well. 

The Spirit of LIGHT
The Spirit of LIGHT


April 4,2022

Tuesday, April 5th, our Sun moves into Gate 51. Gate 51, SHOCK or AROUSING. In the I-Ching this hexagram is also called THE AROUSING.

This is the energy of the shaman or mystic who goes through a difficult initiation or trial and is "shocked" into spiritual awakening. If you have this Gate or the entire channel (25-51) you don't have to seek this initiation. It will come to you. It will get your attention.

On the less serious side, people with this energy are defined like to be a little shocking. They enjoy it. They have a little fun with it. They might say something out of the blue that is a little shocking and they often enjoy the response they get. It's a little comical but ultimately it is all about bringing others back to Spirit. <3 This is also highly competitive energy which can be experienced by others being competitive with them or being competitive themselves. I have this entire channel and people will often attempt to compete with me because I have this energy. They will pull in front of me and take a parking space I was about to turn into and then just grin at me.  Or, when I am reaching for a loaf of bread at the store, grab it before I can take it off the shelf. This used to puzzle me, because I don't really care much for competition, but now I am fascinated and amused by it. When you begin to notice these energies at work it's quite interesting and a little funny to be honest. It's interesting to see the contrast between who we are and who others project us to be.

So this week this Gate is activated in all of us! It should be very interesting.   Although we all might feel like being a little "shocking"  let's make sure we temper that with love and use this energy in its highest expression!

Richard Rudd's thoughts:

Gene Key 51

Shadow- Agitation

Gift – Initiative

Siddhi – Awakening

“Awakening is really a series of softenings. Our awareness becomes more one-pointed, but our heart and mind become softer and more open. Whenever we’re confronted with harshness, the unexpected, noise, turbulence, the thunder of life, instead of tensing up, we can relax and open, soften and become milder. Mildness is an essential quality needed to allow spiritual initiation.” – Richard Rudd, 64 Ways

Each year the sun moves counterclockwise around the gates of the mandala (like the sun moves through the astrological signs), spending approximately 6 days in each gate.

As the sun (or any other celestial body) moves through a gate it **“activates”**the energy of that gate. This means that the energy is released to “flow” to us. The sun is considered the most dominant and important transit to be aware of.)

**Human Design is a synthesis of ancient and modern sciences; proven to be a valuable tool for human understanding. Human Design is a cutting-edge personality assessment tool that shows you your unique decision making strategy, your special gifts and talents, where you carry your pain and potential for healing and wisdom.

You can get your free chart here https://www.geneticmatrix.com/ free-foundation-chart/

April Novoa is a certified Human Design Specialist. To get started living your design book an appointment with April by visiting humandesignsimplified.weebly. com , calling 404-808-690 or emailing her at aviva.novoa@gmail.com

April will need 3 days to complete your report. Please keep this in mind when scheduling your appointment. Appointments are conducted on Zoom or at the House of Light on Thursdays. When you book your appointment a zoom link will be sent to you.

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The Spirit of LIGHT
The Spirit of LIGHT


March 11, 2022

The last two years have been fraught with pain and division. In my lifetime I have never seen so much polarization. I believe that is largely due to the fact that we currently live in an ‘OR’ world. 

If what I believe is true, what you believe is false. Either you are right or I am right.



We can both be right about something that seems to contradict the other.

Two very different things can both be true at the same time. Peanuts are healthy food for some people. Peanuts are a deadly food for some people. 

Human beings are all unique. What is good for one person may be harmful or even deadly to another. Unfortunately, it is human nature to ignore something, if we are not personally impacted by it. 

I remember in the 1980s, when peanut allergies started to occur more frequently, many mocked and made fun of individuals that struggled with them. They were not believed or taken seriously. In the 90s I worked in emergency rooms and saw firsthand how dangerous, and sometimes deadly, these reactions were. It was no laughing matter. No one deserved to be gaslit over something that could seriously harm them, or even kill them, but they were. 

If I demand that everyone eat peanuts because I think they are good and healthy food, that could be dangerous. Perhaps you are simply uncomfortable eating peanuts as you suspect that you might be harmed by them. Maybe you have a lengthy history of food allergies or intolerances and you simply do not want to take the risk. You could have witnessed people you know, or people close to you, injured by consuming peanuts or even dying from a reaction. You might just have a 'gut feeling’ that peanuts are not for you. Should I then make it impossible for you to be part of society or threaten your livelihood if you choose not to consume peanuts? Today we seem to have respect and protect individuals that might be impacted by an adverse reaction to peanuts. We can still eat our peanuts if we would like. No one has banned peanuts, nor should they. However, we are cautious not to put peanuts in foods when we know a sensitive individual might be consuming them.

There are three different kinds of truth and I think we tend to lump them all together. There are Universal Truths, Personal Truths, and Conditioned Truths. 

A Universal Truth is something solid, tried, and tested. There are very few of them that I know of. Gravity is one. It’s something that, so far, cannot be overcome by a mere human without the assistance of some powerful machinery. If you can fly without the help of some sort of flying contraption please let me know! 

A Personal Truth is something unique to the individual. I don’t care for peas. I have never liked them and I very likely never will. I get nauseous thinking about them. You might like peas. You might even love them. It’s acceptable that we have different opinions about peas. I am not going to reject you because you enjoy them. Eat all the peas you want. Just don’t serve them to me. My personal truth is that I hate peas. 

Lastly, there are Conditioned Truths. There are many of them. Conditioned truths comprise most of what we believe. These are things we believe because we have been programmed to accept them by our family, culture, religion, nationality, and the media. The media, at this point in history, is the most impactful. Social Media especially. The interesting thing about this category of ‘truth’ is that it evolves with the times. It is wise not to get too attached to them because as new information is introduced they might change. 

A good example of a Conditioned Truth was the assertion of doctors, and tobacco companies, in the 1930s that smoking was good for pregnant women. There was a time when pregnant women were encouraged to smoke- not only to help their disposition (and the babies' disposition!) but also to ensure a low birth weight and an easy delivery!

We are shocked by that now, but at that time it was something that the masses believed. Smoking is calming AND it is dangerous for pregnant women. We have since evolved to understand that smoking isn’t really good for anyone, but it was the word AND that began the conversation about the safety of smoking, and helped bring about improvement and positive change. Can you imagine if doctors and tobacco companies still asserted that smoking is healthy for pregnant women, despite evidence that it is not? 

The individuals that were responsible for bringing about that change had AND conversations with both of those industries. They had discussions. Yes, things changed slowly. But they changed. 

The word AND starts the conversation and it is how we evolve and grow. The word OR stops discussion and ultimately growth and evolution. The word OR can start a war.

AND will change the world, for the better, if we let it. 

Will you let it? 

Thanks to April Novoa, Human Design Specialist and Gene Keys Guide for her contribution -

Visit her website at :humandesignsimplified.weebly.com

The Spirit of LIGHT
The Spirit of LIGHT

I Love Exploring!

March 10, 2022

I sat with my spirit guides today for a long while. I kept saying, "I am lost. Could you please guide me to where I am supposed to be, or what I am supposed to be doing next?"

The words came through, "You are not lost. You are exploring."

Lately "they" (the unseen world) keeps nudging me to paint. Over, and over, they keep telling me to "go paint."

I laugh and ask the questions again about what I am to be doing to prepare for all that is coming. They have showed me so much of the chaos. I have created my world smaller as to deal with the energy.

"Go paint! You will expand and open up!" They pop this in my head while I am in the shower, driving, or even trying to fall asleep.

I sit with the paints and canvases and nada. Not a single inspirational moment follows except frustration. I don't want to paint. It used to be a way to unwind decades ago. These days, it causes me anxiety. I dream of paintings and when I try to bring them to life, nothing comes out.

Now, if you were one of my guides, I suspect you would be frustrated with me. Not only do I receive messages in dreams, meditation, but I also hear them clearly. I get discouraged with their answers. This morning I sat and asked for something else. I don't want to paint right now. I feel lost in ways I cannot explain. My life is at ease right now. Things are moving slowly but I am safe and always taken care of.

I do feel like I am in the wilderness of the unknown, trekking to the next place.

I am exploring. Lately, I feel like an explorer. I keep reaching new heights of spirituality. I continue to make time to be alone and strengthen my spiritual muscles. I don't have a freaking clue what to do with all this exploration. Clearly, I am doing what I am supposed to be doing (other than painting). I am on this sacred journey of beautiful proportions. Nothing happens by mistake. There is a design to my life. Whenever I stop resisting, oh my goodness, the flow is immensely mystical to witness.

As a friend of mine said to me, "Thinking is stinking." I recognize that I have to stop wearing my ass as a hat and feel my way through all the divine messages coming through rather than analyzing them. There is little room for logic in this pilgrimage. The camino is exquisite.

SO, for today (and tomorrow) I am exploring the territory. I am creating a way to map out the things I desire. I am hiking my way through the forest of uncertainties while trusting. I am trusting more than ever. And, in that faith and conviction, magic is moving through me faster than ever.

I am not just exploring my surroundings. I AM painting a new life. Perhaps, this is what they mean.

As I write this, I am giddy with this new awareness. What are you creating in your life? Are you making time to listen to guidance? You are NOT lost. You are exploring the life around you. You are witnessing the energetic shift of the planet. You are participating in this expedition that entails a release of old programming and paradigms.

Be kind in your explorations. Stop the self-judgments and scrutiny. I love you!


 Thanks to our friend Millie America for this contribution.  Find out more about Millie at :  sacredjourneyinward.com

I am Exploring
I am Exploring

 I love what I do!

June 28, 2021

I love what I do!! 
Intuition, Love, Mediumship, Psychic, Sacred Space

This is why I love what I do!!! I have the honor of connecting with Spirit to remind you "Beautiful Souls" that you are more than enough. To shine a light on all that makes you extraordinary and remind you that you have the power to alter the very fabric of your life. To see you light up with new hope, a renewed sense of awe and walk out the door feeling empowered. Now that's why I wake up every morning!!

Oh...and...coffee =D

Reminder: You are enough (more than).

You are amazing!! The very fact that you exist, means that you are more than enough. There are no accidents in this beautiful universe of ours. It is your duty to celebrate and share all that makes you who you are. Show us all of your wonderful, quirky, weird, awesome-tastic, juicy, bodacious SELF.

We're waiting with bated breath.  <3

Thanks to our very own Cathy Sackett for the Blog Contribution. ~ http://catsackett.com/http://catsackett.com/

The Spirit of LIGHT
The Spirit of LIGHT

The Spirit of LIGHT

January 24, 2019

On my Spiritual Walk, my Dance with the Universe, I am discovering so many wonderful attributes of Spirit, of US! There are seven spiritual attributes that if we embody, we can regain our original Spark of Life. These seven Spirits are Truth, Freedom, Harmony, Unity and the Sacred Flame of Love, that Love known in the Trinity of Love and Light and Peace. Today, on Hummingbird Day I am embodying the Spirit of Light.

The definition of Light is – the natural agent that stimulates sight and makes things visible, synonyms being illumination, brightness, luminescence, shining, luster, glow, brilliance, radiance and many more. Another definition being: a SOURCE of illumination. We are Light Beings. Our cells are sustained with Light. We must have the Sun to live. Drawing from Dr. Joe Dispenza’s BLOG, we come to understand Biophotons: The Light in Our Cells. Joe explains that biophotons were once considered byproducts of chemical reactions within our DNA. He then goes on to explain that we now know that the biophotons that are emitted from our cells are actually highly coherent energy that may be responsible for the operation of our biological system.

This is very interesting since my Spiritual Walk brought me to look at Lyra in which Vega is located, the zero point of the magnitude system – the UBV photometric system. Photometry is the science of the measurement of LIGHT, in terms of its perceived brightness to the human eye and the photon being the elementary particle of LIGHT. Vega is the zero point of luminescence. If we are Light Beings, trillions of cells filled with biophotons, then perhaps we are connected to Vega. Our Twin Flame, our Higher Self, or Spiritual Self is believed to be at Vega.

Looking deeper into the Trinity of Love, Light and Peace, one can find a Spiritual connection to the Father, Son and Holy Ghost (Spirit). Love is the beginning, creation. From this Love, comes Light (Us and all other creations on Earth) and when we connect with our Spirit, we WILL find Peace. Then we will ignite our Rainbow Lights (Chakras) and walk with the Spirit of Truth, the Spirit of Freedom, the Spirit of Harmony, the Spirit of Unity and the Trinity of Love and Light and Peace and be filled with the sweet nectar, the Waters, the Saps of TRUE EXISTENCE.

Heal your Rainbow Lights and connect to your SPIRIT with help from the Lucia Light. A demonstration will be available on February 19th. See the event post on Gateway to Possibility’s Facebook Page for more information or to sign up. Let your LIGHT SHINE!

The Spirit of LIGHT
The Spirit of LIGHT

Dancing with The Universe

January 16, 2019

As many of you know, I have begun a “Dance with the Universe”. On this journey, I am discovering so many wonderful things about our planet, our solar system, our universe, our bodies and most intriguing, our ancestors.

Mother Earth has so many gifts for us. I know the power of herbs in healing and in our diets. I am also aware of the power of crystals. What I HAVE learned, however, is the TRUE magic found ALL around us ALL the time. When I look at plants, trees, animals, rocks, minerals, clouds, air, fire, water and soil, taking all the elements into account….my dance becomes a celebration! I am learning that everything around us, including the clouds, are ancestors to us and are living beings of SPIRIT, of ENERGY, of LIGHT and VIBRATION.

I am also learning that our Solar System is a living, spiritual being as well, every planet, every star, the Milky Way and even the ether all around. These Planets and Stars have aspects and energies that affect us. The Moon itself can affect us, especially knowing how it moves the oceans and knowing we are mostly water ourselves. The Moon can trigger deep emotions within us, as it is a feminine energy tied into our Emotional body. The Sun is a more powerful masculine aspect that gives us our ENERGY, our DRIVE to do, to BE. However, with that energy and drive comes PASSION – which is feminine. We must have both to succeed, we must be BALANCED.

I have also discovered that our Universe is made up of this balanced masculine and feminine energy constantly creating, constantly LOVING into being more and more with PASSION. There is so much more that we will never know about the Universe, it is INFINITE. We are discovering more and more galaxies within our Universe and the more we open our minds, the more possibilities there are! The Gateways are endless…..

Our bodies are like little Universes in themselves. Within each of us exists our own Solar System with 7 stars of imperishable flames. We are wheels of LIGHT walking in a physical body. We have 7 stars (actually more than this, but 7 major) – CHAKRAS of LIGHT, ENERGY and VIBRATION in our body. Every organ is an energy body in itself, full of cells that talk to one another! Within our body is an entire Universe of ENERGY, LIGHT and VIBRATION. We also are constantly creating with PASSION our desires, LOVING into being all that is around us personally, because CREATOR is a part of us!

Lastly, but most inspiring is dancing with our Ancestors. When most people think of ancestors, they think of their family tree. What if I told you, your Ancestor IS a TREE! Knowing and understanding the WEB of LIFE and our connection to ALL that is…..has been the most fascinating discovery on this journey. I KNOW we are connected, but hearing the messages that our Ancestors have to share with us is opening many more Gates of Possibility not only for healing our bodies, but also our planet, Mother Earth and our entire Solar System. I am posting videos of my discoveries on the Gateway to Possibility Facebook page. Check them out to learn more!

Dancing with The Universe
Dancing with The Universe

Happy New Moon!

January 7, 2019

January’s New Moon was yesterday, January 5th. This new moon was accompanied with a partial Solar Eclipse. As many of you know, a New Moon is the perfect time to set intentions for the month. The power of the moon takes these intentions and begins to manifest them as the moon waxes, or impregnates your intention. Then comes the Full Moon in which we let go of whatever is no longer serving our life purpose in order to make room for the new intention to manifest in our life. The cool thing about this New Moon is that the Solar Eclipse brings to a close something in our life that we have been working on. Therefore, we have a chance to make a great transformation in our life this month and over the next few months! We are being given a chance to REALLY manifest in our life right now!

While I dance with the Universe, I am discovering so many WONDERFUL things! This moon is called the Grandfathers Moon, and the stargate that opens (potential to grow spiritually) is WISDOM. Imagine that – Wisdom under a Grandfather’s Moon! Also this moon began under Capricorn, where strength and determination reside! How perfect could this be! What a magnificent gift the Universe has given us. However, we must be willing to let go of what we no longer need, resolve what ever was brought to light at the Eclipse. This can be difficult for some, especially if they are attached to what they need to give up, or are not aware of the light of the eclipse, or are unaware that we have help – always!

The Grandfather’s Moon also opens the stargate of Wisdom. Standing Elk writes in his book that Many Faces said, “From the East, the People may receive the Sacred Wisdom, Enlightenment, and the Knowledge that will transform their worlds.” Then he goes on to say, “The access to Sacred Wisdom is through the expression of your choices, and this is the power that Free Will grants.” What a wonderful discovery for me at this, the perfect time to make some major choices in my life. Now is the time to GO BIG! Don’t hold back on your DREAMS! The color of this gate is violet, the color of the crown chakra, which is the chakra of today, as well as the color of the day, violet.

The Crown is our connection to the Creator. It is our direct line – another wonderful connection to this New Moon, as we set intentions, using our crown chakra through prayer, as well as our heart. Violet is also our ancestor, Holy Amethyst, who brings us a better understanding of the Universal Law of Light, Sound and Vibration – the law I am reflecting on today. Amethyst, a very healing stone, is always available and helping us. This violet presence reminds us that our VIBRATION is our passport to the stars. It goes on to say that the VIBRATION of your CHOICE does lift you into higher planes of Light and Peace. Or, that VIBRATION may lower you to that Karma of your desire. There is that word again, CHOICE. This IS freewill, The Universal Law I am studying this entire month. What choices will you make? What intentions are you going to set this month? How about for the year?

Now is the time to search your heart and truly ask, what makes me happy? What brings JOY into my life? THEN set those intentions, under this powerful Grandfathers Moon offering us WISDOM.

Dancing with The Universe
Dancing with The Universe

Dance With Me!

January 2, 2019

Hello to all those beautiful souls who find this Blog! You are my family and I welcome you. Happy New Year to each one of you! Today we begin not only a brand new day, but also a brand new year. I made a decision several months ago after finding a video from Chief Golden Light Eagle (Loren Zephier) on Facebook to complete a quest called the EarthStar Way. It is a 13 MOON walk honoring and celebrating our ancestors and the Creator.

As many of you are aware, the Moon goes through a cycle of waxing and waning every 28 days. It begins as a New Moon in which the Moon is in conjunction with the Sun and invisible from Earth. This means that the Sun and the Moon are in alignment in the sky. The probability of this happening by chance… EVERY 28 days… is nil in my book. It is the beginning of our creation if you have read Genesis. It is proof of the Creator’s existence for me. There are 13 Moons in a calendar year.

The calendar is a tool that we created to help us as we dance (play the game of life) here on Earth. Before there were calendars, people simply knew the seasons and “time” by observing our sky, the stars and the Sun and the Moon. The Moons actually had names! It is quite fascinating and something worth looking into if you are interested. The Moon that I began my walk with is the Buffalo Moon which was the New Moon on December 7. With each New Moon, a portal to greater spiritual understanding and growth can be opened with intent. The Buffalo Moon was aligned with the ENERGY of Purification. It vibrates to the Universal Law of Innocence, Truth and Family. The note for the month was C and in our physical body it is the Big Toe. It is my intention as I “DANCE” with the universe and all of it’s majesty, to open myself to this ENERGY, this VIBRATION with each New Moon.

The New Moon can be seen as a new beginning each month. Learning and understanding more about the Earth, our ancestors and it’s mysteries are what I am most excited about. I am simply sharing with you all what I am discovering as I walk this path. If something does not resonate with you, let it go….. if it calls to you, look into it, research it. We have wonderful tools for exploring information and I suggest you use them all, including YOUR HEART! Look within, think for yourself and grow with me! Each of us are on our OWN path, let us encourage each other and everyone honor each others TRUTH.

For today, I have learned that it is Red-Tailed Hawk Day. The day aligns with the planet Mars. The color for today is light blue, like our beautiful sky! This color is also associated with the throat chakra or STAR. The name of this chakra is Vishudda. The sound that resonates and helps to heal it is “HUM”….imagine that! The essence for today is Harmony. Our ancestor for today is Aloha! From the book The Symbols:

“O peoples, ‘Aloha and Peace’ to you. Understand that within you is great possibility. You are Stewards and Guardians of Earth”

For more information about the symbols go to Loren Zephier on Facebook and watch the videos that have been posted about these Universal Laws from August 9, 2018. There are 12 videos about these Laws and more about the 12:12 and 13:13 teachings. You may also go to www.starknowledege.org

Dance With Me!
Dance With Me!



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